5 Secrets Of Writing An Analysis Essay On Romeo And Juliet

Before digging deeper into the analysis of this tragic play, there are some ways to make the process easier, as well as more interesting, for the writer and reader of the piece. This play has been written about thousands of times, and as a result there are some things we can offer to spice up the process. Here are five hot tips!

  • Do not neglect the importance of the side characters
  • The story may be about the title characters, but we don’t want to forget about Tybalt and Mercutio, without whom the story wouldn’t exist. The secondary characters provide interesting comparisons for Romeo and Juliet, and their actions are necessary to the plot!

  • Consider adopting a more modern viewpoint, how different would this story be today?
  • What would the story look like if it were written in the present? It’s important to take an analytical approach to social norms and modern justice to properly contextualize the themes within the play.

  • Don’t spend too much time on the obvious tragedy
  • The overwhelming majority of the play revolves around the foretold downfall of Romeo and Juliet, but we want to make a point of examining the less obvious symbols and themes written deeper into this work of art. The temptation to spend too much time on the tragedy may remove opportunities to explore other meanings present.

  • Consider the familial relations of Romeo and Juliet, with parents and feuds?
  • Family relations are at the core of this play, yet are easy to miss. It is important to pay close attention to the relationships between parent and child on the Capulet and Montague sides, and to compare them in a Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay.

  • Consider why this play is so important to contemporary culture? What has made it last the test of time?
  • There is a reason that this is the paramount romantic tragedy. It may be useful to analyze why Romeo and Juliet is the shining example, undaunted by time.

  • Think about what Shakespeare is trying to get at with the themes and relationships in Romeo and Juliet. What deeper messages about young love and suicide might he be trying to make?
  • For the essay on Romeo and Juliet it may be useful to consider the darker theme of suicide combined with young love, and what connections Shakespeare may have been trying to make between them.

These are just some of the things you can do to make sure you’re writing a unique and properly analytical essay on Romeo and Juliet. These five secrets will propel you toward a higher quality product, with no extra work! Look at this Romeo and Juliet analysis essay for further essay ideas.

Six Instructions On How To Craft A Good Essay On Frankenstein

  1. Pay attention to the narrative structure of the novel. Don’t get lost in the 3 narrators, but consider how the story changes aspect depending on who is ‘telling’ it.
  2. The classic horror novel is written in a complicated manner, and it begins in a bit of obscurity. Do not get lost in the switching of narrative voices, but rather find in them useful contrast. Walton, Frankenstein, and the creature all take their turn talking to the reader. It is important for your essay on Frankenstein to think about why this is.

  3. Consider the secondary characters and their import to the story, such as Clerval and Elizabeth.
  4. While the main story focuses largely on the two characters, do not neglect the importance of the side characters. Remember what they add to the plot, and how each one is different from each other.

  5. Keep in mind how women play into the story and the relationships between Victor and his creation and how their view of women compares.
  6. Frankenstein and his creation have different relationships to women, and it is an interesting point to compare and contrast them. Women are important to the story and to both chief characters.

  7. Keep in mind that the novel is both romantic and gothic, and has themes from both genres.
  8. Remember that the novel transverses the genres of romance and gothic, and takes place in both of them. This is important thematically.

  9. Discuss the changing, dynamic relationship between Victor and his creation
  10. The changing nature of the relationship between Victor and his creation is paramount to the understanding of the story.

  11. Compare the inherent natures of Victor and his creation, and what drives them in their actions.
  12. Think about what forces act on Victor, and on his creation. What are the things that propel their actions? How do these differ between them?

These instructions should help generate some Frankenstein essay topics. This is a dynamic book and has been read for over one hundred years. One of the original and still present horror stories with the ultimate monster, Frankenstein has stood the test of time. We hope these instructions will prove valuable to creating a useful, interesting product.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating an Essay About Fairy-Tales

Essays are easy to write if you know the subject that you are starting with. As for writing one about fairy tales, there are thousands that you can choose from, even ones from different countries if you want to create something that is unique. It is easy to write this kind of paper if you know how to write but if you don’t, this will help you write your paper.

How to Write an Essay on Fairy Tales

  1. You first want to pick the fairy tale that you will be writing about. You can do something as popular as Cinderella, or you can pick something not at popular, it is all up to you.
  2. After you pick the fairy tale that you are going to write about, you then have to read it. Do it at least twice, the first time to enjoy the story and the second to analyze it.
  3. Then you want to create your outline for your paper. This will include the intro, the body paragraphs, and then the conclusion. You want to make sure that you know all of the requirements for your paper before you start the outline. This will help you late with editing the work; you will have to add less to it.
  4. Now you can simply just write your first draft. You will use your outline to write it, but it isn’t required.
  5. Next, you can edit your work. You should do this a few hours or days after you write it so you will have fresh eyes and can find the mistakes easier.
  6. Lastly, you want to write your final draft and then do one more quick edit to make sure you have all of the requirements and didn’t miss any mistakes.

It isn’t hard to write an essay, but you do want to make sure that you understand all of the requirements before you start. And if you are going to write a paper on fairy tales, you can even look for different versions of the same story and write about it. You can read both stories and tell them the similarities as well as the differences. This would make for a great read for your teacher and other students. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you follow the instructions, you will write a great paper.

Five Common Features You Should Know about a Great Academic Essay

An essay is a common academic assignment in schools and colleges. If you want to earn the highest score for this task, you should learn how to compose a really great paper. Most well-written academic papers of this sort are characterized by the same features no matter the topic. If you manage to implement these elements into your own text, you’re likely to succeed.

Features of an Impressive Academic Essay

  1. An attention-grabbing title.
  2. The title of a paper shouldn’t only provide the reader with an idea about its contents. It should also make them want to read this paper. There are plenty of different techniques that you may apply to your title in order to make it more interesting. Ask your instructor about them or look for examples on the Internet.

  3. A clear and direct thesis statement.
  4. A thesis statement is a sentence (sometimes, a couple of sentences) that expresses the main purpose of a paper and ties up all its contents together. Usually, a thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction. Experts insist on composing a thesis in advance so that you can build the rest of the text around it.

  5. A good introduction.
  6. Before you move on to your thesis statement in which you’ll determine the exact matter that you’re going to discuss in your paper, it’s important to clearly present the background of this matter. The reader should understand why it’s necessary or useful for them to read your essay.

  7. An informative body.
  8. This is the largest part of any academic paper. For example, if you’re writing an expository paper, you should present your arguments here. In a narrative paper, the body is where you start telling your actual story. Make sure that each body paragraph serves its own purpose and relates to your thesis at the same time.

  9. A thought-provoking conclusion.
  10. A good conclusion shouldn’t just restate the main points of a paper. It should stimulate the reader to think about the matter under review. Indicate the importance of your work and call the audience for action if your topic implies this.

  11. How to Become a Better Essay Writer
  12. To successfully complete your academic assignments, you should regularly practice writing. Spend some time each weekend composing papers on topics that are interesting to you. Read academic works of other people to enrich your vocabulary and learn new writing techniques. This methodology should make it much easier for you to complete your teacher’s tasks.