The Key To Composing An Essay About The Great Gatsby

If you’re writing an essay about the great Gatsby you are not the first, and it is important to make your piece stand out and be interesting, enjoyable, and persuasive. There are many great Gatsby essay topics to choose from, but whatever it is that decide, there are some key components to keep in mind. We have written up some ideas to aid in writing a stellar the great Gatsby symbolism essay that will help make your project a creative and original quality paper.

  • Nick is flawed
  • Nick is an amazing character and without him the story would not even be told, but it is important to remember that he is far from perfect. Consider his viewpoint as a flawed character, which develops and changes dynamically over the course of the story. Keeping this in mind will ensure that the piece you write will access a more well-rounded view of the story as a whole.

  • Do not neglect the symbolism
  • Symbolism is everywhere in The Great Gatsby and is worth paying severe attention to. The story is told through the intense and constant use of these symbols and to consider what they mean to Fitzgerald will open your mind to deeper meanings in the text.

  • There is a great deal of the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald in the story
  • Gatsby is considered by many to be partially autobiographical, and that Fitzgerald attempted to put a lot of himself into the character of Gatsby. Remember this as you read and write on the topic and consider the implications of such an action and what Fitzgerald is trying to impart through inserting himself in the story.

  • The American Dream
  • No Gatsby paper is complete without discussion on the idea of the American dream. There is constant debate as to whether Gatsby achieves the dream or is crushed in its pursuit. It is worth considering what it is that makes the dream possible or impossible, and how chasing that dream can destroy a person.

  • Don’t neglect the importance of Geography
  • In the city, certain things are permissible that are taboo in East and West Egg. Bear in mind the different nature of the geographies of place and space, and how they affect the different sensibilities of the characters.

These are some quick tips on crafting the perfect The Great Gatsby paper. Keeping these original and unique ideas in mind will add flavour to your piece, and will cause thought-provoking conversation and contemplation. This classic novel has been discussed for generations, and it is important for your opinion to be well thought out and compelling and consideration of this list is guaranteed to assist in your endeavors.

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