What It Takes To Craft A Strong Essay About Harry Potter

There are important focal points in any essay about harry potter and it is necessary to give proper time and attention to these details. The story revolves largely around Harry and his fight with lord Voldemort, but there are other more subtle elements that would aid any essay on harry potter. Here are some starting points for the creation of a useful and enjoyable harry potter essay.

  • Consider the dynamic characters and their development, e.g. Snape and Nevil
  • One of the strengths of the book is the amazing dynamic characters. Consider how secondary characters like Severus Snape and Nevil change throughout the immense storyline.

  • Think about what made this book as successful as it was
  • What made this the multi-million selling fantasy novel that it was? Think about what made this story so wildly popular among readers of all ages?

  • Compare Harry Potter as a story to other classic reads.
  • Is Harry Potter as important, or as good, as To Kill a Mockingbird? Consider what parallels you can draw between this series and other classics written for a similar audience.

  • Is the ending of the book satisfactory?
  • Does the ending of the series make sense? Does it stand up to the level of writing in the first three novels? What would you have changed about it? Consider the idea of ending an entire fantasy series.

  • Consider the elements of good and ultimate evil.
  • Think about the symbolism and importance of Lord Voldemort and the concept of ultimate evil embodied in a character.

These are some helpful tips that will put you on the right track for writing a convincing essay on Harry Potter. It is important to remember that despite being an enjoyable and entertaining read, the Harry Potter series offers interesting comparisons and deep critical analysis options for the reader. Using these starting points will certainly help in crafting a well-informed project.

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