Choosing Original Topics For A Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby is a novel about the American dream and the roaring 1920’s. There are many the great Gatsby essay topics to choose from to write the perfect piece. Here are 11 quick topics to get you thinking, and to help create a good paper.

  1. The importance of geography on the themes in the story (east egg, west egg)
  2. Think about what different places in the story signify. What actions are considered “acceptable” in what places? Why do you think that is?

  3. Nick as a narrator, does he develop?
  4. Nick is a flawed character, but does he change throughout the novel? Do his sympathies change? How? Why?

  5. Gatsby and Tom competing for Daisy
  6. In what ways are Gatsby and Tom competing for Daisy? Consider examples of the two men meeting. Does Daisy choose the right man?

  7. The importance of symbolism in the Great Gatsby
  8. Consider the myriad of symbols in The Great Gatsby. What import do each of them have? Which symbols are the most important to the story?

  9. The American Dream: In what ways is Gatsby living it? In what ways does he fail?
  10. Gatsby has wealth, influence, and throws parties. Is he the symbol of the American dream, coming up to power? How is this the case? What are his shortcomings?

  11. The nature of Tom and Daisy’s relationship
  12. What is the true nature of Tom and Daisy? Why do you think Daisy chooses Tom in the end?

  13. Contrasting the “idea” of Daisy with the character herself, as far as Gatsby is concerned.
  14. One of the most important parts of the novel is Gatsby’s idea of Daisy verses who she actually is. Contrast and compare the two versions of the same person.

  15. Jay Gatsby VS Jimmy Gatz, who is more real?
  16. Compare Jay Gatsby and Jimmy Gatz in your the great Gatsby essay. Which version of the same person is “real”? How has Gatsby remade himself, and was it successful?

  17. Is Gatsby a romantic hero?
  18. For this great Gatsby essay, is Gatsby a true romantic hero? Why? Why not?

  19. Who is the morally best character in the book? Is there one?
  20. Is there a character in the story that is morally “right”? Are there any characters that are “good”? Who is the purest, most moral character in the novel?

  21. Who is most responsible for Gatsby’s death?
  22. There are many people at fault for Gatsby’s death, which character is most to blame. Gatsby? Tom? Daisy? Why?

These are just a few examples of interesting, original essay topics for The Great Gatsby. The death and decay of the American dream is exquisitely produced in Fitzgerald’s classic, and countless projects have been done on themes inherent in the writing. Read well; consider why this novel has stood the test of time. The narrative power of Nick, the stunning role of Daisy, and the chief character Gatsby all combine to make this a wonderful book, and we hope these topics help stimulate your own writing.

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