Choosing Original Topics For A Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby is a novel about the American dream and the roaring 1920’s. There are many the great Gatsby essay topics to choose from to write the perfect piece. Here are 11 quick topics to get you thinking, and to help create a good paper.

  1. The importance of geography on the themes in the story (east egg, west egg)
  2. Think about what different places in the story signify. What actions are considered “acceptable” in what places? Why do you think that is?

  3. Nick as a narrator, does he develop?
  4. Nick is a flawed character, but does he change throughout the novel? Do his sympathies change? How? Why?

  5. Gatsby and Tom competing for Daisy
  6. In what ways are Gatsby and Tom competing for Daisy? Consider examples of the two men meeting. Does Daisy choose the right man?

  7. The importance of symbolism in the Great Gatsby
  8. Consider the myriad of symbols in The Great Gatsby. What import do each of them have? Which symbols are the most important to the story?

  9. The American Dream: In what ways is Gatsby living it? In what ways does he fail?
  10. Gatsby has wealth, influence, and throws parties. Is he the symbol of the American dream, coming up to power? How is this the case? What are his shortcomings?

  11. The nature of Tom and Daisy’s relationship
  12. What is the true nature of Tom and Daisy? Why do you think Daisy chooses Tom in the end?

  13. Contrasting the “idea” of Daisy with the character herself, as far as Gatsby is concerned.
  14. One of the most important parts of the novel is Gatsby’s idea of Daisy verses who she actually is. Contrast and compare the two versions of the same person.

  15. Jay Gatsby VS Jimmy Gatz, who is more real?
  16. Compare Jay Gatsby and Jimmy Gatz in your the great Gatsby essay. Which version of the same person is “real”? How has Gatsby remade himself, and was it successful?

  17. Is Gatsby a romantic hero?
  18. For this great Gatsby essay, is Gatsby a true romantic hero? Why? Why not?

  19. Who is the morally best character in the book? Is there one?
  20. Is there a character in the story that is morally “right”? Are there any characters that are “good”? Who is the purest, most moral character in the novel?

  21. Who is most responsible for Gatsby’s death?
  22. There are many people at fault for Gatsby’s death, which character is most to blame. Gatsby? Tom? Daisy? Why?

These are just a few examples of interesting, original essay topics for The Great Gatsby. The death and decay of the American dream is exquisitely produced in Fitzgerald’s classic, and countless projects have been done on themes inherent in the writing. Read well; consider why this novel has stood the test of time. The narrative power of Nick, the stunning role of Daisy, and the chief character Gatsby all combine to make this a wonderful book, and we hope these topics help stimulate your own writing.

Guide To Composing A Technology Essay About Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury’s dystopian tale of future America is a classic read, and many essays are written concerning this important novel. In a future where books are outlawed and burned, technology and mass media replace the need for literature and independent thought. The theme of technology in the future society is paramount, and a great topic for any essay. Here is a quick guide and some helpful tips for writing a Fahrenheit 451 technology essay.

  • Compare to present day technology, the rise of VR, the constant use of cell phones
  • Modern technology is advancing daily, and this is affects work, communication, and leisure. Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 in 1953; think about the technological advances that we have today. Contrast his inventions with things like smart phones and the rise of virtual reality technology.

  • Consider the implications and dire effects of technology as a controlling force in society, not just the poison (The Dog) but also the low level mind control of TV walls and VR.
  • In the novel, technology is used to control the masses and to suppress dissention. Think about the ways in which this is done, and the different degrees of control exercised by these means. Compare the force applied with “The Dog” to that of the TV walls, for example.

  • The predictive view of Ray Bradbury: what did he get right, what was he way off on?
  • With a book written more than 50 years ago, there are some eerie similarities in Bradbury’s made up inventions and those that we use today. Discuss what Bradbury correctly predicted and what he missed. Why do you think this is?

  • The question of entertainment against enlightenment, to what degrees do the characters go to avoid knowledge? How far does VR go to replacing family life and true art?
  • Throughout the book the concept of knowledge is scorned, and entertainment rules the society. Does this have anything to do with the high amount of suicides in the novel? Consider the implications of a society that does not want to learn, that can exist in a peripheral state.

  • Government control vs private business in the present, what inherent differences does this imply?
  • Considering the technology we now use frequently, is there an important difference between private companies supplying these “controlling forces”? Societally we choose to make use of smart phones and virtual reality and pay for the privilege. Contrast this with the idea of a control, dystopian government.

Hopefully these will generate some ideas for your Fahrenheit 451 theme essay. Keep an open mind and truly consider how far technology has come from Bradbury’s time. For more essay topics for Fahrenheit 451 follow the link!

Picking Up Original Topics For An Argumentative Essay About Frankenstein

We’re here to help provide 10 essay topics for Frankenstein to create the perfect Frankenstein argumentative essay. Here are some original ideas to help get started.

  1. The best narrator
  2. Which narrator do you think is the most useful, and are there any that the story can do without? What do the different narrators (Victor, Walton, and the creature) bring to the table?

  3. The foreshadowing in the book is effective, or too obvious?
  4. Each narrator gives hints of what is to come, but is it useful and insightful, or too blatant?

  5. Victor is evil for creating the monster, or is a victim of his search for knowledge?
  6. Is Victor evil? Is he responsible for the deaths caused by his creation, or is he a victim?

  7. The monster deserves empathy.
  8. The monster can speak and understand language, and is himself tortured from his very inception. Does this partially excuse him from the evil he has caused? Does he deserve sympathy?

  9. Walton is necessary to the novel, or not?
  10. Is the initial letter sequence necessary to our understanding and enjoyment of the story or would it be better without Walton in the novel at all?

  11. Victor could have helped he creature merge into society
  12. Is there a way that Victor could have helped his creation fit into society? Could Victor have done anything to help the monster, and if so could it have altered the fates of characters like William and Justine?

  13. Frankenstein’s monster is the ultimate origin of a horror character
  14. Is Frankenstein’s creation the ultimate horror monster? Do his actions excuse this, or further make him fit this role?

  15. Frankenstein’s romantic elements make it fit into the genres of romance as well as gothic
  16. Explain how the characters, writing, description, and themes allow this novel to fit into both romantic and gothic genres.

  17. The monster has free will
  18. Discuss whether the creature has free will. Was he forced into his actions by the terrible reception of his creator and of the world around him? Did he choose the path of destruction or was he propelled on it?

  19. Solitude has varying effects on the monster and on Victor
  20. Solitude is a powerful theme in the story. Discuss its varied effects on Victor and on the Monster. Do they react in a similar way, or quite differently?

We hope this list has been useful in writing a 7th grade argumentative essay!

A Collection Of Acute Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

There are simple topics that can be used to create a compare and contrast essays, however, it is important to choose the ones who are clever, and can provide interesting aspects of comparison. Here are a few such topics,

  1. Apple vs. Microsoft
  2. A comparison between two of the biggest brands in the world, products, regarding quality, on the basis of specific hardware, software, after-sale services, etc., to give the readers a good idea of the similarities and differences between the two.

  3. Pepsi vs. Coke
  4. The two products can be distinguished by taste, flavor, ingredients, marketing, image, customers, and anything that makes the two similar or different.

  5. Monopolies vs. Oligopolies
  6. A comparison can be made, by the writer, regarding how the business environment would be when comparing a market dominated by one business in the industry, versus when a handful of companies dominate the industry. Price competition, non-price competition, marketing, effects on customers, etc. will vary.

  7. Perfect competition vs. Monopoly
  8. In this case, the differences will be broader, and significant as the two are complete contrasts. In this case too, there will be differences regarding, price, non-price factors, marketing, branding, information available, products, customers, control, etc.

  9. A comparison between two different religions
  10. The similarities and differences can be made on the bases of culture, clothing, customs, traditions, holidays, occasions, etc.

  11. Online vs. Traditional Education
  12. A comparison can be made on the grounds of price, effectiveness, need for socializing, practicality vs. theory in this scenario, etc.

  13. Plastic vs. Paper
  14. The effects on the economy, environment, the future generation, and those around us can be considered. You can also include the ability to recycle, and the differences in quality, and use.

  15. Arranged marriage vs. love marriage in third world countries
  16. This is a very controversial topic, with a wide range of things to talk about. It would be a very interesting topic, because, it talks about the world with massive differences, where both happiness and sorrow can lie.

  17. Friends vs. Family
  18. In certain countries, priorities lie in different places, where in certain countries, social aspects and friends are of utmost importance, in other countries, bloodlines, and family plays a major role. Comparing these priorities, and the levels that the people are willing to go to would make an interesting comparison.

  19. Email vs. Letters
  20. A comparison can be made between the two, by speed, efficiency, quality, confidentiality, security, etc.

These compare and contrast topics will help get your mind thinking of the perfect topic for your next essay.