A Collection Of Acute Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

There are simple topics that can be used to create a compare and contrast essays, however, it is important to choose the ones who are clever, and can provide interesting aspects of comparison. Here are a few such topics,

  1. Apple vs. Microsoft
  2. A comparison between two of the biggest brands in the world, products, regarding quality, on the basis of specific hardware, software, after-sale services, etc., to give the readers a good idea of the similarities and differences between the two.

  3. Pepsi vs. Coke
  4. The two products can be distinguished by taste, flavor, ingredients, marketing, image, customers, and anything that makes the two similar or different.

  5. Monopolies vs. Oligopolies
  6. A comparison can be made, by the writer, regarding how the business environment would be when comparing a market dominated by one business in the industry, versus when a handful of companies dominate the industry. Price competition, non-price competition, marketing, effects on customers, etc. will vary.

  7. Perfect competition vs. Monopoly
  8. In this case, the differences will be broader, and significant as the two are complete contrasts. In this case too, there will be differences regarding, price, non-price factors, marketing, branding, information available, products, customers, control, etc.

  9. A comparison between two different religions
  10. The similarities and differences can be made on the bases of culture, clothing, customs, traditions, holidays, occasions, etc.

  11. Online vs. Traditional Education
  12. A comparison can be made on the grounds of price, effectiveness, need for socializing, practicality vs. theory in this scenario, etc.

  13. Plastic vs. Paper
  14. The effects on the economy, environment, the future generation, and those around us can be considered. You can also include the ability to recycle, and the differences in quality, and use.

  15. Arranged marriage vs. love marriage in third world countries
  16. This is a very controversial topic, with a wide range of things to talk about. It would be a very interesting topic, because, it talks about the world with massive differences, where both happiness and sorrow can lie.

  17. Friends vs. Family
  18. In certain countries, priorities lie in different places, where in certain countries, social aspects and friends are of utmost importance, in other countries, bloodlines, and family plays a major role. Comparing these priorities, and the levels that the people are willing to go to would make an interesting comparison.

  19. Email vs. Letters
  20. A comparison can be made between the two, by speed, efficiency, quality, confidentiality, security, etc.

These compare and contrast topics will help get your mind thinking of the perfect topic for your next essay.

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