Five Common Features You Should Know about a Great Academic Essay

An essay is a common academic assignment in schools and colleges. If you want to earn the highest score for this task, you should learn how to compose a really great paper. Most well-written academic papers of this sort are characterized by the same features no matter the topic. If you manage to implement these elements into your own text, you’re likely to succeed.

Features of an Impressive Academic Essay

  1. An attention-grabbing title.
  2. The title of a paper shouldn’t only provide the reader with an idea about its contents. It should also make them want to read this paper. There are plenty of different techniques that you may apply to your title in order to make it more interesting. Ask your instructor about them or look for examples on the Internet.

  3. A clear and direct thesis statement.
  4. A thesis statement is a sentence (sometimes, a couple of sentences) that expresses the main purpose of a paper and ties up all its contents together. Usually, a thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction. Experts insist on composing a thesis in advance so that you can build the rest of the text around it.

  5. A good introduction.
  6. Before you move on to your thesis statement in which you’ll determine the exact matter that you’re going to discuss in your paper, it’s important to clearly present the background of this matter. The reader should understand why it’s necessary or useful for them to read your essay.

  7. An informative body.
  8. This is the largest part of any academic paper. For example, if you’re writing an expository paper, you should present your arguments here. In a narrative paper, the body is where you start telling your actual story. Make sure that each body paragraph serves its own purpose and relates to your thesis at the same time.

  9. A thought-provoking conclusion.
  10. A good conclusion shouldn’t just restate the main points of a paper. It should stimulate the reader to think about the matter under review. Indicate the importance of your work and call the audience for action if your topic implies this.

  11. How to Become a Better Essay Writer
  12. To successfully complete your academic assignments, you should regularly practice writing. Spend some time each weekend composing papers on topics that are interesting to you. Read academic works of other people to enrich your vocabulary and learn new writing techniques. This methodology should make it much easier for you to complete your teacher’s tasks.

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