Six Instructions On How To Craft A Good Essay On Frankenstein

  1. Pay attention to the narrative structure of the novel. Don’t get lost in the 3 narrators, but consider how the story changes aspect depending on who is ‘telling’ it.
  2. The classic horror novel is written in a complicated manner, and it begins in a bit of obscurity. Do not get lost in the switching of narrative voices, but rather find in them useful contrast. Walton, Frankenstein, and the creature all take their turn talking to the reader. It is important for your essay on Frankenstein to think about why this is.

  3. Consider the secondary characters and their import to the story, such as Clerval and Elizabeth.
  4. While the main story focuses largely on the two characters, do not neglect the importance of the side characters. Remember what they add to the plot, and how each one is different from each other.

  5. Keep in mind how women play into the story and the relationships between Victor and his creation and how their view of women compares.
  6. Frankenstein and his creation have different relationships to women, and it is an interesting point to compare and contrast them. Women are important to the story and to both chief characters.

  7. Keep in mind that the novel is both romantic and gothic, and has themes from both genres.
  8. Remember that the novel transverses the genres of romance and gothic, and takes place in both of them. This is important thematically.

  9. Discuss the changing, dynamic relationship between Victor and his creation
  10. The changing nature of the relationship between Victor and his creation is paramount to the understanding of the story.

  11. Compare the inherent natures of Victor and his creation, and what drives them in their actions.
  12. Think about what forces act on Victor, and on his creation. What are the things that propel their actions? How do these differ between them?

These instructions should help generate some Frankenstein essay topics. This is a dynamic book and has been read for over one hundred years. One of the original and still present horror stories with the ultimate monster, Frankenstein has stood the test of time. We hope these instructions will prove valuable to creating a useful, interesting product.

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